Monday, 30 January 2017

Nigerians React to 30yrs old Man Who is Running For President come 2019...our salvation is far !

Hopefully the next president of Nigeria Ahmed Bee " a 30yr old young had some man who is running for presidency come 2019 took to the streets of Lagos to get people's opinion as regards youths taking over leadership in Nigeria... Painfully he came back heartbroken and submitted bellow.... Watch the
video here
"We hit the streets of Lagos yesterday and to our greatest surprise, the Nigerian Youth is not ready.
First of all, we have locked ourselves up inside a box and not ready to look beyond that enclave.
Secondly, we are nonchalant about how or what makes up our system.
Thirdly, we are not enlightened or exposed.
To cut it short, we are the instrument behind what has befallen us.
We must wake up.
In this critical time of our nation where there seems to be more divisions in the polity, where there is so much uncertainties as to our future, where there is both economic and social malady, where there is obvious neglect and disconnect of the weak and a sense of hopelessness in the land, we are calling on Nigerians to come and be part of this historical meeting of deciding the part we want to tread as a people, to come and lay the foundation for a generational change in this nation. "

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