Friday, 27 January 2017

To Hell With Biafra ? "Nigeria Will Never Split "....Sharon Ogbu.. Spits fire

This young lady by the name Oluwa Sharon Ogbu who hails from rivers state but resides in Lagos recently took to her facebook page to blast those hoping for the breakup of Nigeria, making her point concrete by saying all those who
share different opinion can go roast in hell... Anyways below are the stuffs she wrote.... Read and share us your views
..."Hear this....Nigeria can't split!
The Efforts of our heroes past can never bae in Vain.....
After getting upset with this post,don't fail to unfriend or block me.
And when you get to Hell, be sure to tell the Devil that he should split hell because you can't stay with the other tribes there. "


  1. You are very useless to say that because you don't know anything also anything about these useless contraption called Nigeria

  2. This country has killed lots soul's and today hunger is lavishing most useless people who called their selves Nigeria. Pls remain in Nigeria. Unity is not by force

  3. Just check out your name's to frustrated you are. Oluwa is a Yoruba name, Sharon might be derived from prostitution and ogbu is definitely Igbo name that are making you to be confused from your origin

  4. By there fruits you shall know them. From all indication i can observe you are a daughter of a wayward woman. Look no one goes against Biafra that went Scott free you will not be exceptional.

  5. who is this political sex-slave?

  6. Oh! i pity this little brat for her ignorance. Somebody should educate her.