Thursday, 9 February 2017

African Union Aproves One Year Jail Term for Removing Condoms During Sex.

The 28th AU summit saw the gathering of state leaders and their delegates from all corners of Africa to discuss issues that face the continent including security, poverty and health.
One such concern is the prevalence of the HIV virus which despite all efforts to combat its transmission much work is to be done.

While some called for the implementation of more educational measures some old school delegates were of the opinion that the issue should be tackled practically.
“Looking at the statistics, it’s mostly young people who are bent on practicing unsafe se_x. We are saying that any man who forces his partner to have se_x without a cond_om or removes it during a se_xual act should go to prison for a year or so” a delegate from the Equatorial Guinea spoke out.
“I don’t feel it’s too harsh. I’m also a parent and I welcome this law with open arms. It should be criminalized to do that. Our youths should make responsible choices” another delegate from Kenya added.
“We don’t know what happens in people’s bedrooms and we will not budge in but we urge the reporting of such cases. There is no need to be embarrassed about reporting someone who has committed a crime against you”
While this is targeted against the spread of HIV, it also tackles a lot of reproductive issues faced by most adolescence these days.
The law is yet to be reviewed for legitimacy before governments adopt it in their own legislation.

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