Thursday, 2 February 2017

Bahari is a bloody hypocrite!!... Reno Omokri explodes in series of tweet that might land him in jail.. See them.

As political atmosphere gets charged the day slated for the mother of all protests draws even closer, the ruling party APC are doing all within their reach to stop that protest including applying a
distractive strategy, recently the party called on 2face to come debate on national TV instead of going on the streets to protest, Accusing Akpabio of sponsoring he protest, now this obviously didn't go down well with Reno who took to his tweeter account to lambaste the heck out of APC and those trying hard to discourage the protest. See his tweets bellow and share us ur views on this matter.

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  1. Please tell me how exactly tuface personal life concerns him standing up for d suffering citizens? Will most of these politicians tell me that they don't ve fleets of baby mamas or they haven't sponsored someone's wedding at some point... Please they should focus in the things that matters.. I stand with 2baba