Thursday, 16 February 2017

Call for Ban of BigBrotherNaija intensifies as Comedian Koffy lends voice.

For many days now many reasonable Nigerians have called on the federal govt via NBC to Ban the ongoing Big brother niaja base on the fact that it's now more like pornography than entertainment,  hours ago popular comedian Koffy da Guru frowned at the immorality going on there and aired on life TV, below are his submissions....
"The winner of this notorious  Big Brother Naija is expected to walk away with N25milion and a Car.. All it requires is: Live with a set of fellow crazy people, do all sorts of immoral things and win!
If only there could be an educating version of such. If only they could house intelligent scholars like this and make them compete for similar prizes. But, no! Our people do not encourage sanity. The best in Mathematics competitions walk home with ridiculous stipends. Laughable prizes while these morons in BBN earn millions for coming to suck br***st on International TVs.
What a generation! What a time! How do we nurture and produce the next Chike Obi's, the next Chinua Achebe's and the next Wole Shoyinka's???? What foundations are we laying down for the coming generations? What message of hope and legacies are we leaving behind? Immoralities... We are losing our minds.
Painful reality however is that the evicted ladies get married soon enough to our refined brothers who don't see the point in dating our born again sisters. Stuck to fame (Never lasts anyways) "

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