Monday, 13 February 2017

Graphic, OMG : judgement day for evil man who killed many and tied many destinies

WARNING!!!!! ⚠  Graphic.
END OF THE ROAD FOR AN EVIL DOER....without jungle justice!
***Sorrow and Tears-of-Joy in the land of Isiala Mbano***
Today the 9th of January 2017, Umuelemai Isiala Mbano became a home for angry but mob-free-minded individuals across communities as the cover of an evil doer was blown.

As gathered by my handle, from yesterday the 8th of February 2017, when a rumor filtered in that a popular vulcanizer named EKEZIE, who hails from Umuezeala-Ogwara in Ezime Mbano LGA of Imo State, and has for the past 20years and above enjoyed 'monopolic' vulcanizing in an area covered of about a kilometer within each of the four cardinal points in the city he lives in as a tenant and Inlaw was accused of holding the people in the area down and killing many of them diabolically for years.
The Accuser Mr. Chinwendu who is also a Barber/hairstylist at MkpachaUkwu Mbeke in Mbeke community of Isiala Mbano not quite a distant from the area laid a strong accusation against Mr. Ekezie and equally backed it with about 2million Naira as a penalty if he fails to prove his accusations beyond reasonable doubt.
The Accuser in a strong voice claimed that he took Mr. Ekezie where the charms were prepared years ago on the agreement that he is taking Mr. Ekezie to the deity for protective powers, but the story changed when they got to the shrine and to his dismay, he found out that Mr. Ekezie came for a different mission all together and now he cannot hold the secrete back anymore as it is downed on him that so many people has died already as a result of that silly but costly mistake and more are going to die just soon.
This morning, the Traditional Rulers, the Chiefs, traditional heads, the communities and observers gathered to hear and see for themselves and the accused was summoned, he denied every bit of the accusation leveled against him by the Hairstylist.
The Accuser strongly and confidently told the people that he is willing to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt, and an arrangement was immediately made to move him (the accused) in company of some youths and traditional heads to the shrine in Ebonyi State for confirmation, and behold, they got to Ebonyi State and it was confirmed that this Mr. Ekezie pictured naked here (if you look na you sabi)  had written so many names cut across men and women in different businesses and crafts within the area and immediately he confessed, pleading with the people not to expose him at home.
According to eyewitnesses, over 50 chains locked with keys and nailed to the mighty Tree in Ebonyi State were uncovered with each placed with a name. So many of them dead already.
They forced him to unlock the keys in other to set the captives free which he did and made an open confession that nothing can be done about the dead ones.
(We know idiot!)
On getting home at about 5:26pm in the  evening, the crowd were already waiting in anxiety and anticipation, on break of the news, he made slight escape into the bush while being interrogated and was later apprehended by the youths while trying to make his way to maybe to the police station; he was stripped naked, cajoled around the area and later handed over to the police.
ONE OF HIS FRIVOLOUS REASONS FOR THE KILLINGS...When asked why he killed a certain man who was very peaceful and popular in the area (Late Mr. Ochiriozuo) he gave reasons that he has been eyeing Ochiriozuo wife's big butt. (Ukwu nwanyi Luwe) for long time and when he made it known to the woman that he wants to devour the Ukwu (in the voice Chewetalu Agu), the woman asked him to go and bathe-up first. (That's how he killed this man years ago to take over the Ukwu which never happened till date)
Honestly, It baffles me how wicked and devilish people can be. How could this man who is a mere vulcanizer wish to kill every man around him in a city he lives in as a tenant?
Umuelemai Junction is an old city which is supposed to have had rapid developments by now owing to the kind of businesses that has sprung up in the area over the years but many of them struggle in vein to see the light of the day. It is pathetic.
Indeed, everything under the surface of earth has an expiring date when God intervenes. Whomever the son of God sets free he is free indeed!
Judgement day!!!

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