Thursday, 2 February 2017

HarrySong chickens out! Begs 5star... Pleads to return.

Now after his re-arrest I guess Harrysong's pride was buried, he was obviously roasted as many came to plead on his behalf including the legendary Daddy Shocky, we got reports yesterday that KC confidently assured that Harrysong will
hold a media briefing and offer a public apology to Emony and 5star music, many felt it won't happen but hey few minutes ago Baba for the girls crooner took to his twitter handle to stylishly apologise, he went so low he even confessed that he missed his "Family" that's 5star music. Now a lot of people at this point would really love to see the look on his face playing back the video of him popping Champaign as saying "they can't stop we" after he regained freedom from his first arrest not knowing another arrest was on the way.. My advice ? If u know ur got no balls pls don't start a fight and talk tough!  See his tweet below. 

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