Friday, 3 February 2017

SuperSam Blasts Sahara Reporters For Sponsoring A Campaign Against Private Jets.

It was nearly depressing for me today when I went through to watch a short clip about the number of private jets owned by "Questionable Nigerians". The moral of the piece was pointedly aimed to deride any Nigerian who owned a private jet.

And from my observances of recent, mainstream and social media have begun a campaign of calumny against anyone who owns one (irrespective of the way the owner got it). Today, some empty-headed, content-bereft blogger will post a comment about "10 Nigerian Pastors that Own Private Jets" or "15 Millionaires that own Private jets and all that" and these idiotic headlines are sold to the gullible public who in turn gleefully refabricate the original story to make owners of these jets seem more demonic (The Presidency included).

Isn't it a shame that we are fixated on the acquisition of such items which may be more relevant to the owners as Means of Travel Convenience rather than Objects of Luxury? Is it not poverty of the mind that makes people almost go frustrated when they hear about another black man like them own a private jet? What's wrong in owning a jet? What's your business if I do?

Why is it so important to point out that we have about 70 private jet owners in Nigeria? As if 70 was enough out of 170million! Its a shame to our nation! Actors and actresses , musicians and entertainers in other climes own these things and you don't see the media wallop them for it! The maintenance and operations of the jet is borne by the owner not you, so why does it hurt? Linda Ikeji, KANU Nwankwo, RMD and other highflyers should and could own jets for the convenience of work, but they won't even if they could afford it because of what people will say.

Yet, Nigerians buy exotic cars worth millions of dollars and people admire, but they hate you for owning a jet? What's our problem? Its a poor man's mentality. People are buying off islands, owning private rail lines, zoos, estates, airports, seaports and the likes all over the world and some are Nigerians.

We should aspire for greatness by making things like this normal. If you want a jet and you absolutely need it and you can afford it, then buy it! After all, there was a time in Nigeria where owning a mobile phone was a sign of wealth.

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