Sunday, 5 February 2017

OMG!! Actress Georgina Onuaha shares nude pics of Kemi Olunloye online sparking war !!

The fight between Kemi Olunloye and actress Angela Okorie which later involved Actress Georgina Has now taking a me donation as the later shares the nude pictures of Kemi Olunloye online... The fight started after Kemi
accused Actress Angela Okorie of Taking $1.5million from the former Gambian dictator... Here is what she wrote after sharing the nudes...
""From a woman that calls all actors and actress prostitute
I pray and love her.
I ask God for her healing
@hnnafrica.. God loves you.. We all deserve a second chance at life. One love sister.. ❤️️ @realangelaokorie
Please show her some love and prayers of redemption. We are all sinners in the sight of God.. May the events of past week, teach us the power of love and forgiveness. I FORGIVE HER at seeing this and reading so much about her. May our childhood not be stolen from us. May life treat us kind. I was tempted by anger to release her SEX TAPE but was moved by compassion as a woman, daughter, sister and mother not to.
In her own unique way.. she is beautiful.. I rest my case with her and pray for her wellbeing
I wish her peace and happiness. 🙏🏻
Now am sure Kemi will definitely reply this blow in a heavy way ...and it will get even dirtier....

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