Wednesday, 1 February 2017

OMG : Two young Female Robbers Caught in The Act With Hundreds of Master Keys... The Video will Shock You.

So this young girls specialized in robbery of high smooth class, they could pass for smooth operators, they walk around with bags of keys ,moving from house to house, they open ur door while
your out, they sweep your house clean, then drive off... Anyways they got caught and it was not funny... See how a facebook user captured it..
"OMG,  wonder shall never seems to end oooh... I am shaming shame for this professional robbers now oooh, why my sister's go dey shame us like this naa,  favor and uchechi,  from IMO state and Abia state.... With different kinds of master key they are using to open people's door when they must have gone out.... Nawa ooooh,  I'm sooooo  speechless.... I pity you guys but for real,  you must face the punishment,  everyday for the thieves but one day for owner of the house... But it's. Not their fault at all,  just blame it on Buhari,  hunger is in the land menh"
See the video HERE and HERE. 

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  1. I know what dey are doing is wrong but I can't blame them not in this recession.... Things are very hard o...