Thursday, 2 February 2017

Ubi Franklin Needs to see what Lillian Esoro was caught doing with Alex Ekubo in Lekki .

So not soo long from the news of their break up hit the airwaves , while many of their fans pray daily for their return and some enemies pray they split for life just to see our beautiful Lillian sad for life ? anyways it looks like the couple have moved up with their separate lives , although its obvious Ubi
misses lillian more than she miss him but we might not technically say same for the beautiful actress and mother of one as her recent actions confirmed our worst fears ... we first got the hint from a close source and friend of the actress that something was about going on between Lillian and an unidentified male , so it was natural that we followed her up , yes in Nigeria to run an effective paparzy is very expensive and almost impossible for at-least for now , so we did our best by planting cameras to follow the couple up sooner than 3days we got some materials enough to bring to the table , so here we are with the first one , after which we shall bring u our direct feeds from our reporters , so few days ago , Actor Alex Ekubo drove off from a luxurious restaurant in Lekki , at first we never suspected anything till we noticed he was more like in a haste , then got locked down in traffic , but hey he is innocent we thought cos he was with a guy not a girl ,then suddenly we noticed he grabbed his phone and in less than 2mins we spotted Lillian's car too on same track locked in traffic ...the this happened .... the obviously excited Lillian grabs her phone and starts taking pictures accommodating fine boy Alex who obviously drove up to fit into the frames then both rolled down their glasses ,complemented each other with a bold rosy smile and started snapping more pictures ...anyways see the pics below , for now she addresses him (Alex ) as a colleague , we just pray and hope nothing is going on cos Ubi will just kill somebody then kill himself ... anyways let me go get u an update on this issue cos am sure the triple M boss Ubi will find ways to respond too .share us ur views and kindly share this post .


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  1. All these celebrity marriages sef....after the lavish wedding dey had, d marriage couldn't even stand the test of time....